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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to HopNHere (beta), the site and the apps are designed to let you know what's happening near you from about half a kilometer to 2 kilometers depending on how many outlets have signed up within the area.

The site and app get your location and provides information on what's happening in the stores our businesses near you.

For business owners, it's a platform where you can invite consumers around the area to visit your business or your store.

How much will it cost?

For consumers the service is absolutely free. You can get your information about what’s happening via our website or download our app from the App Store or Play Store.

For businesses - Given we are in the beta phase of implementation, the service is currently offered for free. Simply sign-up you business, upload the logo and location of your store. We will need to verify though if you are indeed the owner or authorized representative of the store before you can use all the features.

What features does HopNHere have that will benefit my business?

Aside from your store popping out when consumers are near it, we’ve built in a whole slew of features to help your local marketing efforts (location based marketing).

  • Post your marketing message via a status message post and a picture to support it
  • Create a varied array programs to encourage return visits to your store
    • Rewards platform
    • Badges
    • Track purchases
    • Picture uploads
    • Other creative marketing which can be implemented through the customer managements system (CMS)
  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
We will basically provide your business with a slew of tools to encourage people near it to "hop in here!" – it’s a marketing platform that goes beyond deals and discounts.
You can edit your marketing messages anytime of the day and adjust it based on what you feel will help drive consumers to your store - i.e. time based promotions and flash promotions

Do I need a be 'techy' person to use HopNHere?

If you're comfortable using Facebook it will not be a problem but it will definitely take some time to get used to the CMS. While in beta phase we are constantly improving our interface to make it easier for people to use.

Do I need to get in touch with you to edit details in my marketing messages?

The CMS was designed so you no longer need to call us to create your marketing but feel free to call and we will be willing to help you out.

Does the app need internet connection to work?

Yes, the apps need internet connection. The website will still display your marketing message though – so when people are deciding where to have lunch for example they can always look at the site and check what’s happening and decide where to go.

The app is limited to Android and IOS only?

Yes, but we have enabled the site to be mobile enabled so Blackberry, Nokia and Windows phone users can simply go to www.hopnhere.com and they can also see what’s happening here.

This is only the beta version when will the full site be finished?

The truth is we will technically be in beta version forever continually improving the platform. What you will see as we move forward are improvements in the design and interface of the site. So do expect major changes in the next 3 months and small changes after that.

All the features of the site and the marketing platform are all working but do expect bugs along the way as we work on it.

How much will it eventually cost to use the platform?

Though we already have our ideas on the pricing, we are continually consulting with the first batch of business users to come out with the best platform and product and price that will benefit your business. If you really want to know get in touch with us.

For any other questions or inquiries feel free to call us:

How can I add my business?

Create an account and click on "Enter your business".